Official Service Center

Here we have the TAG Calibre 16 automatic chronograph in for a service.We completely dismantle the movement, clean all the parts in our ultrasonic watch cleaning machine, check for and replace any worn parts then reassemble and regulate the movement lubricating with 5 different types of grease and oils as we go.
The movement is then back together and we ensure it functions perfectly.All we have to do is fit the dial and hands and the movement is ready to be fitted back into the case.
The case is stripped down to it”s component parts, polished and grained in all the right places as is the bracelet.We fit a full set of gaskets, test for waterproof then refit the movement.After this we test the watch function for 72 hours adjusting if necessary.After a final waterproof testing we give the watch a final inspection before returning it to our client.
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